Written specifically for young teenagers, this book enables a person to learn the most basic aspects of study technology in an easy-to-understand format.

Course Details​

Presents the basic elements of Study Technology to students with a 7th-grade or higher reading level, teaching them the three barriers to study, how to recognize them and how to prevent and resolve them when they occur. Gives any student the tools to become an independent lifelong learner. Fully illustrated.

On this Course you will learn:

  • What to do if your attention wanders or you just can’t seem to remember what you read.
  • What to do if you are all confused about a subject.
  • How to use a dictionary so you can fully understand a word and don’t have to look it up over and over again!
  • What to do if you get frustrated with or abandon a subject you are studying.
  • How to help someone vastly improve their literacy level and even raise their IQ.
  • How to improve your writing so it is more easily understood.

This book also shows, with lots of illustrations, how to help someone else find words they did not fully understand. These are words the person thinks they know and they went right past them. You can actually raise someone's IQ by doing this and vastly improve their ability to understand and communicate to others.


Course Fee

₹ 2700
 Your course materials are also integrated within the course.

Length of the Course

2-3 days part time study. You may, however, do the course at your own pace. In other words, it is not timed. 




Through the length of your course, you will receive supervision from your personal course supervisor, who will help to ensure you understand and achieve the maximum benefit from the course materials. The end result is that you are fully able to apply the data contained therein.


"The joy that I get to see in a student's face as it lights up because he has just understood something in his studies that he has had a confusion on his whole life is a joy I wish other teachers could experience, and the rewards of hearing from students that clearing up the meanings of words is the only way to learn are uplifting and are just some of the the benefits of using the book Learning How to Learn". Mark McQuade, Prinicipal Greenfields School, Oxford University Alumnus
"This is a great book! Who ever learned how to study in school? Not me! And not anyone I've met yet. I have used this book when tutoring adults, and this is the first book I use. Without the student knowing the information in this book, your tutoring methods often strike against old, inadequate study methods and your instruction is less effective. This book is simple to read and anyone can get enormous benefits from it. Highly recommended!" Ruth
"This book is a comprehensive manual on the proper techniques for studying along with numerous tools on how to handle any barriers to your study progress. This book is appropriate for any adult or older teenager who wants to attain the ability to study well and easily. It is also appropriate for any younger child who has previously completed one of the simpler study books (Learning How to Learn or Study Skills for Life) and wants to go on to a more advanced level of study ability." Ruth

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