Purification Rundown Program

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Discover world’s only all-natural program designed to free you from the negative mental and physical effects of accumulated drugs and toxins in your system—forever.

Purification Rundown

Do you feel less alert and aware than you used to? Tired or drained of energy for no apparent reason? Wooden or even lifeless? The Purification Program contains the solution.

The Biochemical Problem

We live in a chemical orientated society, It would be hard to find someone in the present day civilization who is not affected by this fact. The vast majority of the population is subjected to the intake of food preservatives and other chemical poisons, including atmospheric poisons and pesticides. Added to this are the pain-killers, tranquilizers and other medical drugs prescribed by Doctors. Additionally, the widespread use of Marijuana, LSD, Heroin, Cocaine and other illicit drugs contribute heavily to the situation. 

These factors are all part of the biochemical problem.  

Drug Residues Can Remain in the Body

In the 1960’s and ’70s drug abuse had become widespread in our culture. At that time, as part of his greater researches into Man’s spiritual potentials, L. Ron Hubbard noted that these substances slowed down a person’s spiritual progress. Working with a variety of former drug users, he made a startling discovery:

Toxic residues can lodge in the body, mainly the fatty tissues, and remain there for years.

Indeed, several years after Ron’s discovery, medical experts performing autopsies confirmed this to be the case.

Chemicals Can Also Remain in the Body

It soon became apparent that it’s not just drugs that can stay in the body, but also any of the toxic substances we encounter every day. These include food preservatives, industrial chemicals, household cleaning products and insecticides, to name a few.

The accumulation of drug and toxic residues in ones’s body can lead to disastrous consequences. They can ruin a person’s health, energy level and memory and even reduce the ability to study and learn. In short, residual drug and chemical deposits can cost an individual his or her future.

The Purification Program

The Purification Program was developed by L. Ron Hubbard to meet a growing threat to individual well-being stemming from the more and more common use of drugs and chemical substances in the current culture.

Thousands of hours of research and testing resulted in the precise actions and elements that interact to dislodge and eliminate drug and toxic residues from the body.

The result is an exact program that combines exercise, sauna sweat-out and nutrition. The exact steps taken, and supplements are all contained in the book, Clear Body Clear Mind.

Nutrition, Vitamins and Minerals

Nutrition is another vital component of the Purification Program. Ron conducted research over decades into the benefits of vitamin therapy. The result is the program’s nutritional regimen, consisting of specific vitamins and minerals taken in exact quantities and in precise ratios to one another. (No medicines or drugs are used on the Purification Program and the vitamin and mineral dosages recommended are classified as food.)

Vitamins and minerals help repair the damage done by drugs and toxic substances and assist in rebuilding the tissues and cells. And since drugs and toxins create nutritional deficiencies, the vitamins and minerals also help to restore the body’s biochemical balance.

The full information on this is covered in the book, Clear Body Clear Mind.

The Key to Success of the Program

The success of the Purification Program lies in the exact application of each program element. Scientology Delhi have staff specially trained to deliver the program.

Give Yourself a Fresh Start

Freed from the harmful and devastating effects of past drugs and toxic residues, one can then attain lasting mental and spiritual well-being.

The Purification Program is the only solution to completely get rid of these harmful substances, eliminating their devastating effects. During the course of the program, you can step out of the fog and into a world that is fresh and new. Persons completing it have reported a remarkable surge in life and vitality—a true ability to continue forward to greater things in life.

The Gains From the Program Include:


 Ability to think clearly 

Feeling brighter and more alert.

Increased energy and more enthusiasm for life. 

You can experience life-giving results and clear the way for mental and spiritual gain.

The Purification Program gives an individual the chance to experience a surge of vitality and renewed sense of well-being. It is offered as an invitation to start living!”
- L. Ron Hubbard


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This program really affected my body, mind & spirit in a miraculous way. I never felt so rejuvenated before. My mind has become so relaxed of the past thoughts, which always bothered me. My body feels so pure as it never got harmed by any chemical or drugs etc. I am a changed person now who is free from all the worries and the bad things in life. The Purification program gave me a new direction in life as I have become more planned, can concentrate on things, became a good listener, who listen to everyone politely. Even my family is very happy with me as I am being more happy & relaxed & give joy to others as well. Thanks to all my partners during this program & Scientology staff for their great efforts.
M. Kochar
Before doing Purification, I felt for a long time that I am slower than I should be. Every time I started exercising, I used to feel sleepy and I always had some kind of heaviness about the body and mind. Now I feel very light, my body is very easy to move, I need less food and most importantly, I feel mentally light & fresh. When I go for walks or run, I feel just so much more enthusiasm. I also feel that my body’s hormonal system has changed and properly functioning now. My health, my skin and senses have improved and I have shred 3-4 Kg of weight. I feel this was such an important step for me as I was living with poisons (toxins) in the body.

A. Bhogra

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