Personal Efficiency

Success Begins With Personal Efficiency

70% of your life is spent working,  so make it work for you.

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1. On What Does Success Depend?
Is it intelligence? Is it hard work? Or is it luck? By knowing the underlying rules of life and applying these principles, you will achieve security in your job, relationships, and all other areas of living.

2. Confusion

Learn to conquer chaos by implementing a single principle that stabilizes confusion and creates order. By understanding what confusion is actually made of, you can stop it instantly.

3. The Anatomy of Control
Everyone uses control – all activities require it. But to many people, “control” has a bad name. Learn the difference between “good” and “bad” control. The factors determining your ability to control are explained in this course

4. Affinity, Reality & Communication
Creating, understanding and improving human relationships hinge on three things, Affinity, Reality and Communication (A-R-C). Learn how A-R-C is used to improve every part of life.

5. A-R-C & the Tone Scale
Is it possible to predict if someone is going to be a trustworthy employee or friend? Human emotions can seem to be unpredictable if one does not understand the Tone Scale. This is a vital tool for handling all manner of human relationships.

6. The Eight Dynamics
Discover how life can be understood by dividing it into eight main divisions. The Eight Dynamics is a Scientology breakthrough that opens up an entirely new comprehension of life and shows how it can be lived to the fullest.

7. Exhaustion
Many people believe that the answer to exhaustion is energy. But in truth, energy has little, if anything, to do with it. Understand exhaustion and learn an exact procedure that anyone can apply to defeat it.

8. The One Who Succeeds
What exactly does it take to be successful? Here is a summary of the principles and elements presented in thePersonal Efficiency Course. By understanding, integrating and applying them into your daily life,success can be yours.

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