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The skills to speak in front of a group surely is one of those skills which everyone would like to have, But how one does so? how one addresses the audiences effectively?

Come & Learn

How to present yourself in front of people

How to hold your position while speaking

What to do if someone interrupts in between

How to communicate your ideas effectively to a group

How to Overcome Stage Fright and Nervousness

Stage Manners and how they help you to command your audience

What are the right emotions and expressions for a Public Speaker

"The 1-day workshop that I attended on Public Speaking was a great experience all round."

I highly recommend this workshop if you want to learn how to present yourself in front of people, influence people with your speech, your position while speaking, how to communicate your ideas effectively to a group and overcome Stage Fright & Nervousness. You’ll probably learn things you didn’t previously know about yourself also…. I most certainly did”.

- Arun Dubey

Mr. Rajiv Pasricha


Rajiv Pasricha is a renowned Business Growth Consultant, a highly-respected Transformative Facilitator, and a seasoned entrepreneur with 28+ years of rich experience. He is practicing Scientology since 2008. Using Scientology technology, he has helped many businesses to achieve prosperity. He is the Chairman of a group of dedicated Scientologists who are creating a massive difference in the society. Recently he also led a group of people from India for one of the most advanced programs on Competence and Leadership to the Caribbean Islands. He is a Stellar example of a successful Scientologist and an Entrepreneur. Alumni of the prestigious SRCC, New Delhi, he holds coaching, facilitating and hiring certifications from Franklin Covey India, Leadership Management Int. Inc., USA and Performia International, Sweden, respectively. Over the course of his personal and professional life, Rajiv has faced and successfully overcome numerous obstacles that came in the way of achieving his goals. From battling nagging weight loss issues to working hard but failing to achieve exponential and consistent growth in his income, Rajiv has seen it all. However, the two things that have helped him come out of stagnation and move towards excellence are his never-say-die spirit and an unwavering quest to find simple and workable solutions to overcome every obstacle that could hold him back from achieving his true potential. His valuable experience in the fields of Consulting, Facilitation, Leadership Coaching, Selling Skills & Public Speaking has helped hundreds of organizations meet their goals, efficiently and effortlessly.

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